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Lavender Rayne is in one tough situation and no matter how much she struggles, it is not getting any better. What starts out as just an uncomfortable collar quickly turns into a cock-sucking stappado. Every time PD demands that she change position lavender, the bondage slut, struggles and flounders.
PD has just the fix for bitches who cannot do what they are told. Lavender ends up in a cage, in just the right position to get back to work on cock. His cane on her feet, tits and ass is just the kind of push she needs to really work that dick. By the time she is out of the cage, Lavender is totally ready to serve. Whether its an asshook, a dildo or a cock, her holes are there to get used up. Once the vibrator touches her clit this little slut is begging for permission to cum. She is such a bad little bitch that she needs to be punished. Her orgasms are coming in waves and she cannot control herself without the help of the cane.

Format: mp4
Duration: 39:25
Video: 852×488, AVC (H.264), 568kbps
Audio: 67kbps

File size: 185.3 MB

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