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I was asked to come over to help decorate the house and I thought I’d make it a bit more sexy and distracting by wearing thigh-high stockings, lace panties and a bra and of course sexy high heels too. I have blown up all the balloons and its time to decorate. I wait for instructions but little do I know, the balloons are to make me part of the decorations not to put around the house or make the place a bit more colorful. He starts wrapping my body and my limbs to the banister so every single guest that comes in will see me as they pass by the food table. I cant believe I fell for his shenanigans but I guess its not the first time. He just keeps adding balloon restraints to my legs, my arms, my chest, and even wraps them like a blindfold and gag and necklace too. My leg is up and I have a hard time balancing but lucky for me, the balloons are stronger than they appear. I mean, anything in quantity is stronger, right? Finally the party is over, my blindfold fell down, my balloon gag isn’t effective and I insist on being untied. He tries to use a unique way to pop the balloons off my body but it doesnt pop them but only sprays be hard with flying salt. He then grabs a sharpened pencil and begins to pop the balloons off of me. As they pop, they sting my skin as does the surprise and unknowing how it will feel at different parts of my body. My reaction is truly genuine and fearful but with a huge grin. WOW, what a unique party decoration I was, balloon bondage might be the next best way to add color to your next party:) Im sure I could be convinced to come to another one, if there’s cake;)

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