Online video Kunt Log part 2

Clad in head-to-toe white like an angel awaiting her fate, she balances on a stepstool with a noose pulling tight at her neck. Suffering in the evil tie, her face becomes dewy with sweat; her legs quiver, threatening to give in. PD kicks the stool away, hanging her. Eyes rolling back into the head, piglet passes out for an instant. But she recovers quickly and is ready for the next torture. Bent arms are bound behind her head with a wooden rod under the wrists. Legs are spread into a wide straddle and secured to the ends of a bench. Cord tied to her new labia rings is extended to her toes, stretching her cunt open and discouraging any movement of the legs or feet. Trussed vulnerably, she shrieks in distress as PD canes her foot and paddles her tied tits. He gives her a moment of relief with the vibrator then continues with the cane on the other side, striking her thigh and flexed sole. Insex member Ghost makes a guest Dom appearance for the next scene, tormenting piglet with stinging nettles while she is bound defenselessly in a standing spread-eagle. Her soft skin tingles and burns as he strikes her with the wicked plants and rubs them against her sensitive shaved pussy. Body surrounded in bundles of nettles, piglet is stung repeatedly when she flinches at the shock of the cattle prod and the stroke of the elephants trunk. Finally, he gives her an evil hug, crushing the painful plants against her one last time. Her mouth is stuffed with an extreme gag to prevent her from complaining when she is lifted up off the ground, suspended by her voluptuous breasts. Her lithe body is stretched out, an inviting target for the cane. She is put directly into a hogtie after the tit hang, a nose hook encouraging her to keep head lifted. The cattle prod makes her writhe and tremble in the stringent tie as she receives shocks to her tits, ass, and feet.

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