Free redtube Introducing Kosuke

The newest of our Japan models for PeterFever, solid muscleboy Kosuke, stands 5’7″ at 195 lbs. A sweet romantic cuddler, he spans both roles from top to bottom. Kosuke likes the lovey-dovey part of sex and looks forward to having a monogamous partner. But for now he is single and into his porn career, getting started via social media. He’s a bit of a homebody, spending time at home drawing and cooking up tasty meals, especially fish. as far as his body, he’s especially proud of his thick muscular pecs and the attention they get. Once he steps inside and strips off his shirt, we get to see those renowned pecs and all the other goodies that go along with them. He leans back in his designer undies, brushing a hand across his nips and reaching in to get a grasp of his thick piece. A squirt of baby oil rubbed across his impressive torso gives it a statuesque sheen. Big round biceps shimmer in the light as he flexes. Down below, his uncut cock grows thick and longer as he starts stroking. Time to drop those drawers, and Kosuke stands up naked and shiny, a thick patch of black pubes punctuating the smooth silky expanse of muscular perfection. He crouches on all fours, flexing his thick booty, a long dildo tickling down into the crack as he beats his cock. With a low groan he speeds up, face half-buried in the sheets below. Kosuke’s nuts pull up tight as he lets his load spray our into a puddle on the mattress. He rubs his horny ass with a finger as the camera zooms in for a closeup.

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Duration: 11:41
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