Xbxx pon Rachel Adams Writhes in Frogties and Armbinder on Christmas Morning

Release Year: 2022
Video language: English

The luscious aroma of holiday pancakes and bacon wafts in from the kitchen nearby…but rebellious Rachel Adams is preoccupied with other things than enjoying that festive breakfast! Her concerns are instead the non-stop jingly sounds of the tinkly bells on her outfit that make her predicament in a black leather bondage single sleeve and leather strap frog ties all the more humiliating. But she was “acting out” at a Christmas party the other night and obviously needs lots more correction! So with a ball-gag stifling her pleas for release, she finds herself challenged to pull a Houdini but with every passing moment finally comprehends that this predicament will not be escaped from! Indeed, it provides an educational contrast to her pretty stockings and colorful garb: instructional in that it alerts Rachel to the fact that there will be neither breakfast nor gifts until she apologizes and PROMISES to behave! Meantime, she’ll writhe in frustration near the early Christmas morning sunlight that glitters on the tree!

Format: mp4
Duration: 10:26
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4747kbps
Audio: 181kbps

File size: 376.9 MB

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