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A gorgeous woman bustles around the back of her car She is frustrated and not paying attention to the effect she has on two men watching her The men put on masks and grab her from behind They grab her and carry her to their truck Flinging her onto the seat, her dress is yanked down to expose her breasts One man pinches her nose to restrict her breathing She gets quieter, and they carry her into the garage Using a blue rope they tie her hands She is suspended with her arms above her head They gag her, strip away her clothes and fondle her Naked except for her heels, she is caressed roughly They take her down from the suspension She is tossed onto a mattress, still gagged with hands tied The abuse becomes more intensely sexual Pussy-licking, breast-fondling She writhes on the mattress but can do nothing to resist Finally one man removes his own clothes He gives her a hard missionary fuck He cums inside her, and get up to let the other man take over The second man also gives her a hard fuck in the same position He also climaxes, leaving her pussy dripping The men put their pants back on and watch her struggling on the mattress Finally they haul her upright again She is re-tied with her hands above her head The men taunt and roughly caress her some more They take a length of white rope and wrap it around her neck They take turns strangling her with it She chokes and gags Going limp, she slumps forward in the restraints They remove the strangling rope They admire her suspended body Then one man goes behind her and snaps her neck to finish her The men depart, leaving her beautiful dangling corpse in the garage.

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Duration: 39:44
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