Xxxx sexy Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte

Amanda and Sandra lay together, looking longingly at one another, recumbent and close. But their limbs are locked into a straight side by side position by severe ziptie bondage, and though the women are but mere inches apart they are both unable to reach out for comfort from their bound companion. Their longing is to feel freedom from the cruel teeth of the plastic cinches biting through their blue jeans and knitted sweaters. The wool imprinting on their skin, as the zipties dig in to their flesh further with each futile struggle they can manage as a Mohawk of fringing from the industrial strength cable ties sways above their bound bodies. Returning to snip off these protruding ends the bearded, broad shouldered brute that brought them to this tumbledown trailer leans his large frame over the ladies, looming over them as they cry out through the bandanas he stuffed between their teeth. They have been prepared for his lady, Lisa, who lusts after ladies feet, and these two MILFs are quite the barefoot treat…

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Duration: 12:37
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